8 ways to eat health diet food and weight loss with uhealth chart

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an integral part of maintaining good health and weight loss. This is also true if you want to feel great at all times with your health diet food and workout regularly. However you may create a balanced uhealth chart of daily diet.

To maintain a healthy diet on uhealth chart, thus maintain a healthy body weight means eating a wide variety of health diet food and drinks in correct proportions. Daily exercises also play a vital role in the whole equation.

To ensure that you are truly eating a healthy diet, there are five diet guidelines to consider every day:

  • Eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day
  • Starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta should form the basis of your meals.
  • Always have dairy or dairy substitutes like soya drinks
  • Eat proteins such as meats, fish, eggs, pulses, beans and other proteins
  • Cook with unsaturated oils. Spread them on toast and eat in small amounts
  • hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate – with lots of fluids
  • Workout regularly which boost your potential to weight loss.


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Eat 5 Fruit And Vegetables A Day

Fruits and vegetables are a key source of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. They should comprise of over a third of the food we eat daily. They help in lowering the risk of heart disease, some cancers, and stroke.

Just an apple or banana or pear is a portion. Be creative and consume a variety. There’s evidence that people who eat at least five portions a day have a lower risk of getting a stroke, heart disease or some cancers.

Swap your mid-morning biscuit for a slice of tangerine. Have a salad along with your lunch and have generous portions of vegetable. Finish off with plain yogurt to reach your five!, it makes you near your health diet food.

Eat Starch

Starchy foods should comprise just over one-third of our overall meals. Starch should form the basis of our meals as they are a great source of fiber and vitamins. Opt for wholemeal and whole grain varieties like brown bread, rice, pasta as they contain more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than their white counterparts.

 Always Have Dairy Servings

They are a good source of protein and calcium which keeps our bones healthy and strong. Cheese and yogurt are rich in protein and calcium. Dairy alternatives such as soy milk, soy cheeses, and soy yogurts also provide a good protein count into the health diet food.

Eat Lots Of Proteins

Meat, fish, eggs, beans, and pulses are all good sources of protein that the body needs to grow and carry out repairs. They also provide the body with an array of good vitamins and minerals.

Meat provides the body with protein, vitamins, and minerals, including zinc, B vitamins, and iron. It is also one of the key sources of vitamin B12. To cut down on fat, eat the lean cuts of meat and skinless poultry.  Always cook meat till it’s well done, it doesn’t effect your weight loss efforts but increase the digestive system functioning.

Fish is not only a rich source of protein, various vitamins, and minerals, but it is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Eat at least two portions of fish each week, plus one portion of oily fish. It can be fresh, frozen, smoked or canned. Just remember that canned and smoked fish can often be high in salt.

Eggs and pulses like seeds, beans, and nuts are also rich sources of protein. Nuts provide a good alternative for snacking because they are rich in fiber and saturated fat. They are high in good fat, a wonderful addition to the health diet food.

 Include Oil In Your Diet

Fat is essential to the diet but should be consumed in moderation. Fats form our body’s basic building blocks that allow the body to function properly, without which we would not be able to live! The right fats are an important source of energy for the body. They ensure that the brain functions properly, oils our joints, produce hormones and maintains a healthy sex drive.

Consuming proper fats in the right portions according to your body’s type ignites your body’s fat-burning ability thus gain muscle and expend energy. Include in your diet good fats like extra virgin olive oil (monounsaturated), fish oils (polyunsaturated) and saturated fats like the ones found in organic eggs.

Consuming the wrong fats, the ‘Franken fats’ or hydrogenated fats is not only a ticket to gaining body fat, but will also increase your cholesterol levels. These are fats to avoid at all costs! In extreme cases deficiency in proper fat may lead to depression.

Hydrate, Hydrate, And Hydrate – With Lots Of Fluids

Up to 60% of the average adult human body is water. It is one of the building blocks of the body, an essential nutrient to the life of every cell.  A male adult needs about 3 litres of water, while a female adult needs about 2.2 litres of water a day. Have with you a bottle of water and sip it at half hourly intervals throughout the day.

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Workout Regularly

If you are not doing strength training workout  regularly for weight loss, you will never fully skyrocket your metabolism which is what burns excess body fat. While cardio exercises are good, they do very little for your metabolism. But if you want definite results incorporate strength training workouts into your regimen. This will turn your body into a fat-burning machine that will build lean muscle for that ripped look and, not a skinny fat version of yourself that cardio alone gives. With Strength training, you can anticipate doubling or even triple your fat loss results. It is also re-shapes your body giving you that toned look.

Embrace Technology, Monitor Your uHealth chart

Today the internet offers opportunities to individuals to use technology to monitor and maintain their health charts. With services such as Uhealth chart you can observe your health summary, check test results electronically and even request for renewals to subscriptions among others benefits.

The Uhealth chart uses the internet platform to offers patients secure online access to portions of their medical records. It enables you to securely receive information about your health and weight loss tips via the internet in the safest way possible.




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